Telephonic Case Management

The first step of our telephonic case management is an initial intervention. This step has been carefully developed to ensure that the proper medical treatment is arranged as early as possible, so as to speed up the recovery process. We understand that there are numerous costs associated with a catastrophic injury case, including medical bills, disability payments, and litigation costs. By acting fast, as well as helping the worker to return to their previous job, we can help to cut down on all these costs. Our Nurse Reviewers will be on hand to start managing the claim right away, and they possess a high level of expertise in this field. They will also be supported by physicians who can provide expert advice. By carrying out this process, we can accurately and effectively identify what medical intervention is required, help to find the most cost effective treatment, and ensure that injured employees are able to return to work much quicker.


  • Nurse Reviewers able to manage contact between everyone involved in the case
  • Case status summaries help provide recommendations for the safest ways for employees to return to work, and are delivered as soon as possible
  • Weekly reports to help everyone stay up to date with the situation
  • Physician advisors on hand to assist with more complex issues
  • Fully flexible service to meet the needs of each individual


  • Help injured employees remain positive about their condition and recovery
  • Ensure a safe, speedy return to the workplace
  • Fast management of medical needs
  • Referrals to PPOs or physicians wherever necessary
  • Physician advisors available to review all claims
  • Effective management of compensation costs
  • Excellent network of case management services to assist with the recovery process
  • Accurate return to work estimates help with workplace management
  • Frequent reports on progress
  • Detailed reports available on request