Field Case Management

Sometimes, workers require a more hands-on approach to case management in order to speed up their recovery and get them back to work sooner. In these cases, we will often refer a patient for field intervention. As soon as a case is referred, it will be subject to a thorough assessment. This will include an in-depth discussion with the worker themselves, a review of the worker’s medical records, and a meeting in the workplace, where plans can be made to make the workplace more accommodating to the worker’s condition and recovery process. After this, a goal-oriented plan will be made to help the worker get back to normal as soon as possible.

Throughout this process, matters will be dealt with by one of Genex’s highly experienced Case Managers. All of our Case Managers possess excellent credentials, with many holding BSN, MSN, or RN degrees. Furthermore, most of our nurses also have additional credentials in specific fields, to provide a more tailored treatment where necessary.

Field Solutions

circle-checkGoal-oriented plans

circle-checkConsistent, tailored case management strategies

circle-checkRapid case resolution

Field Services

circle-checkAssessment of medical needs

circle-checkWorkplace analysis

circle-checkHome visits and assessments

circle-checkReturn To Work coordination

circle-checkMedical task assignments

circle-checkIndependent medical reviews

Catastrophic CM Solutions

circle-checkCost-effective solutions

circle-checkRapid recovery and return to work

Catastrophic CM Services

circle-checkSpecialized catastrophic injury solutions

circle-checkEvaluation and intervention in the workplace

circle-checkMedical and work management

circle-checkPlanning for care

circle-checkFinancial planning

circle-checkAssessment of projected results