Catastrophic Case Management

When catastrophic injuries occur, the impact of them is felt immediately. For a business, they can have enormous financial implications, and without the right treatment, there is the risk of an extended recovery period that sees those costs increase even further. Fortunately, Hudgins Services is here to provide the ideal solution to that problem. With a national network of highly trained CAT nurse case managers with links to top trauma centers, we will be able to connect patients to the local services they need to recover more rapidly.

Our team possess many years of experience in managing high-risk cases, and we are therefore perfectly primed to deal with catastrophic case management. We always aim to provide the most cost effective solutions, we approach every case individually, to figure out what fits your company best. By making the most of industry guidelines and our own highly experienced managers, we can provide you with results that no one else comes close to.

Some examples of the types of injuries that fall under this category:

  • Falls from large heights
  • Open head wounds
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Spinal injuries
  • Crush wounds
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Radiation or chemical exposure
  • Life threatening burns

How it works

When you first contact us, your case will be dealt with by a catastrophic supervisor. They will carry out a thorough telephonic assessment, while also arranging for a catastrophic case manager to visit the medical center where the worker is receiving treatment. There, they can carry out an efficient, thorough assessment on the center, before reporting back to you. Case managers help to ensure that injured workers receive the best possible treatment for their condition, as well as guiding the patient through the recovery process to ensure that everything is resolved as soon as possible. They will also be able to help family members support their injured relative, so that they too can assist with the recovery.

An Unmatched Level of Quality

  • We come up with tailored solutions for each case, to match the needs of the individual
  • Detailed insights provided into injury management
  • We will recommend the most effective medical care, to ensure that the employee is able to recover quickly

We’re There Whenever You Need Us, Nationwide

  • Our 24/7 referral service provides you with live responses right away, and a case manager will be dispatched to the trauma center that day
  • Case managers effectively assess how severe injuries are, and whether or not the patient should be dispatched to one of our recommended level I-II trauma centers
  • In-depth level of reporting and communication ensures that everyone stays in the loop
  • A complete update is written up after every visit, along with a more formal report being completed every two weeks

Expert Staff Ensure Top Results

  • All our catastrophic case managers are subject to strict requirements before working with us
  • Case managers have a high level of experience in managing catastrophic claims
  • Comprehensive injury management training provided to all staff
  • Specialized qualifications to deal with case management and rehabilitation
  • National network of local trauma centers and centers of excellence